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La Memòria de la Plaça

Disseny Gràfic | Identitat corporativa | Disseny i programació web


Disseny Gràfic | Identitat corporativa | Infografia


Disseny Gràfic | Identitat corporativa


Diseño Gráfico | Identidad corporativa


Disseny Gràfic | Estratègia Digital | Fotografia | Espots

Cales de Pachs

Disseny Gràfic | Identitat corporativa

Fundació Carulla

Graphic Design | Press Office | Digital Strategy

Escola d’Administració Pública de Catalunya (EAPC)

Graphic Design | Corporative Identity

Madrid Games Week

Fairs and Festivals Communication | Graphic Design | Spots | Digital Strategy

Barcelona Games World

Fairs and Festivals Communication | Graphic Design | Spots | Digital Strategy

Casa Coll i Regàs

| Disseny i programació Web |


| Diseny i programació Web |

Escola Nova 21

Infografía | Animación | Estrategia Digital

Reforma Horària

| Infographics |

Find Your Startup

Animation | Graphic Design | Spot | Infographics


Animation | Graphic Design | Spot | Infographics

Sant Cugat “Ve de gust”

Disseny gràfic | Fires i Festivals | Identitat corporativa


Disseny gràfic | Estratègia Digital | Fires i Festivals | Fotografia | Gabinet de premsa | Identitat corporativa

Fira del vi de Falset

Graphic Design | Digital Strategy | Fairs and Festivals | Photography | Press Office | Corporative Identity

Vijazz Penedès

Graphic Design | Fairs and Festivals | Digital Strategy | Press Office

XD Young Fest

Fairs and Festivals | Graphic Design | Spots | Digital Strategy

Fundació b_TEC

Animation | Spots | Photography | Infographics

ACM – Associació Catalana de Municipis


Sense Límits

Animation | Graphic Design | Digital Strategy | Press Office | Filmings

Museu Picasso


Vilafranca 2015

Graphic Design | Design and web programming | Digital Strategy | Press Office | Filmings


Animation | Graphic Design | Spots | Infographics

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Animation | Graphic Design | Infographics

Handmade Festival

Animation | Fairs and Festivals | Graphic Design | Spots | Digital Strategy | Filmings

Festival de la Infància

Animació | Comunicació Fires i Festivals | Estratègia Digital | Espots

European Forest Institute (EFI)

Animation | Infographic

Pere Tarrés

Spots | Photography | Animation | Infographics

Campus Esportcat

Animation | Graphic Design | Design and Web Programming | Digital Strategy | Infographics

Joves amb idees

Animació | Disseny gràfic | Disseny i Programació web | Gabinet de premsa | Identitat corporativa | Reportatges

Torre Jussana

Animation | Graphic Design

Fira del Gall

Fairs and Festivals | Graphic Design | Photography | Digital Strategy | Press Office | Corporative Identity


Graphic Design | Photography

Assessoraments Juvenils

Animació | Infografies

Turisme Costa Brava

Animation | Spots | Infographics | Filmings
Barcelona Turisme

Barcelona Turisme

Chimigraf Giny


Tastavins Penedès

Tastavins Penedès

Graphic Design | Photography | Corporative Identity | Commercial Interiorism | Filmings | Spots
Edu21 Giny

Edu 21



Animation | Infographics
Dona-i-drets-civils Giny

Dona i Drets Civils – Ajuntament de Barcelona

Graphic design
Ajuntament de Llagostera

Ajuntament de Llagostera

Graphic Design | Spots | Filmings
Olives for Spain Giny

Olives From Spain

Graphic Design | Design and Web Programming
Sant Pau Recinte modernista

Sant Pau – Recinte Modernista


Mas i Mas Festival

Fairs and Festivals | Digital Strategy

Grup Enciclopèdia Catalana

Design and Web Programming | Photography | Filmings

Institució cultural del CIC

Animation | Spots | Filmings
ineo-corporate Giny

Ineo Corporate

Animació | Disseny i Programació web | Fotografia | Infografies | Interiorisme comercial


Graphic Design | Corporative Identity |
direcció general joventut giny

Direcció General de Joventut

Animació | Infografies
Nostrum Giny


Animation | Spots | Filmings


Animació | Disseny gràfic | Disseny i Programació web | Infografies | Reportatges
Orri del Pallars

L’Orri del Pallars

Animació | Espots | Fotografia

Museu d’Història de Catalunya

Animació | Fotografia
Gene Giny

Generalitat de Catalunya

Animació | Infografies

Cambra de Comerç

Infografies | Disseny Gràfic

Bones Pràctiques – Ajuntament de Barcelona

| Animació | Infografies | Disseny Gràfic |

Fundació del Congrés de Cultura Catalana

Disseny Gràfic | Disseny i Programació web



We specialise in animated infographics, an efficient, easy way to communicate through moving images. First, we understand what you want to express and then we synthesise it and turn it into a design that adapts the contents and container to your target audience. In 2 minutes, we define your organisation, explain what you've done over the past year, what projects you are working on and the message you want to get across.


We tell your story through images. We get your ideas across. And we conceive of each spot and each report as a unique, one-off piece. Because each project has its own specific goals to address. We focus the message to turn it into images.


Positioning yourself in the digital environment is a challenge we have to tackle with all the tools available to us. At Giny we are always updating our knowledge and training to come up with comprehensive digital strategies that include everything from social media through web media.


We freeze moments and experiences and express them through different lenses. Portraits, interior design, architecture, events, fairs and celebrations, advertising, corporate images, reports, making-of or artistic photography. And to do so, we delve into, fly over and blaze a trail through any sort of terrain.


Design impregnates all of our creations, from audiovisual projects through social media dynamisation. We do layouts, create characters for infographics, come up with displays and spaces, design corporate materials and re-design the image or logo for organisations.


A good first impression is key to raising awareness. This is why we like to design and program websites that are clear, attractive, intuitive and functional. A website should show everything we want people to know about us, while also allowing those who want to get to know us to find what they're looking for.


Media presence is a good tool for raising awareness of events. This is why we establish media strategies: creating press dossiers, press releases, press conferences and clippings. Plus, we have direct contact with the media, following them and working to get coverage for our projects.


We specialise in communication for fairs and festivals. We manage relations between exhibitors and brands, do media planning and negotiate brand exchanges with the media. On occasion, we have also created the graphic image for fairs and festivals in Catalonia.

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