The Good Gamer

The Good Gamer is an initiative that reclaims the video games good values and its responsible use in administrations, educative communities, sanitary institutions and also with parents and families.

The platform shows different initiatives of responsible consum of video games, providing transparent information and outlining the sector’s contribution to society.

Graphic Design
Content Strategy
Brand Strategy
Social Media Management
Online and offline marketing


  • Digital strategy creation.
  • Creation of audiovisual videopodcasts.
  • Increase the digital community and generate the maximum interaction between the users and public.
  • Achieve organization and brand awareness.



Our team at Giny Comunicació, has created the graphic content that summarize in a visual way some remarkable topics of the video games world.  The goal is to explain in the best way possible the benefits and applications of video games in our society.

‘Gamers Ilustres’


The aim of ‘Gamers Ilustres‘ is to spread a positive message about the correct use of video games thanks to interviews with professionals and national celebrities from different fields. From the personal experience of each one of them we discuss about the stigmatized preset image of video games and its players.

Some of our main guests are Juanma Latorre, Carolina Marín, Jordi Cruz or Joana Pastrana.

Video Podcast


Great quality content based on online interviews with gamers and professionals from different fields related to the video games world that can provide us some relevant information thanks to their own experience.

Other projects