History Museum of Catalonia

The History Museum of Catalonia (HMC), located in the former General Trade Warehouse, is a unique building in Barcelona’s old industrial port. It is dedicated to preserve and explain the evolution of the Catalan culture and history, from prehistory to the present day. It opened its doors to the public in 1996, and since then the museum has built up its own collection from donations of objects, documents, historical recreations and the decoration of its spaces that takes us to the history of the region.
The History Museum of Catalonia
Writing the scripts
Production of the voice-over
Filming the promotions
Production with influencers
Producing the illustrated scripts
Produce the animation with After Effects


  • Reach a broad public and also more specific to the schools.
  • Explain with a teaching approach the history of Catalonia.
  • Create a newer version of the processes of historical dissemination.

The animated history of Catalonia


How can we explain the history of Catalonia in an entertaining way for children and adults? This was the challenge that the History Museum of Catalonia left us and how these eight animated infographics were created, based on a script, a visual storyboard with lots of illustration and an animated video that is totally educational.

Each animated infographic has been promoted with a catalan influencer which, in a humorous way and through social media, explains the content of the infographic. The influencers that participated in this campaign were Clara Moraleda (Leopolda Olda), Joan Grivé (Sir Joan) and Long Li Xue.

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